Technical connections differ from physical interaction.  Today’s technology has connected us globally, yet we have record levels of people feeling isolated and lonely. While we all love the conveniences that modern life brings forth, in some instances, it has disengaged us from what we crave most – an understanding of ourselves and others, as well as the natural world.

To address that, we created The Cedar House, a place where people from different walks in life can come together to bond, engage, plus reenergized by exploring the awe and beauty of the Lake Tahoe region.  The message of connections is felt throughout – from our architectural design, to our community dinners,  and to the heartfelt greetings and engagement from our staff.  We believe that balance to a world obscured by chatter and routine originates by spending and grounding oneself in the great outdoors.

Whether you visit us for one of our programs, on a company retreat or simply to relax and play here in Tahoe, we look forward to sharing our passion of the great outdoors with you.  We hope you leave refreshed and inspired, understanding that our greatest moments come when we are not static, but moving in places larger than ourselves.